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The Upcoming Captain Marvel 2 Has a Serious Power Problem

  The Marvels will be different as far as Marvel Cinematic Universe sequels go. Instead of focusing solely on Carol Danvers like the previo...

The Upcoming Captain Marvel 2 Has a Serious Power Problem


The Marvels will be different as far as Marvel Cinematic Universe sequels go. Instead of focusing solely on Carol Danvers like the previous movie, the film will also be bringing in Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan. But while that means that three generations of powerful Marvel heroines will be on the screen together, it could be a problem for the movie.

Carol Danvers is arguably overpowered in her own right. And by bringing in Rambeau and Khan, the movie has a huge power level problem, namely in terms of whom the villain. There are ways that the film could work around this, but they also present problems. In focusing so much on the heroes, The Marvels may render any threat completely null and void.

The Marvels Has an Overpowered Cast

As mentioned, Carol Danvers is already an incredibly broken character, being one of the few characters to take on Thanos single-handedly. That was something that even the Hulk couldn’t achieve, despite increasing power being his entire premise. It’s worth noting that the climax of the first Captain Marvel already showed this problem, with the final “battle” being absolutely no challenge to Carol. Add in that Carol is one of the most disliked MCU characters yet, and any film focusing on her could repeat the same sins of being bland and having no stakes.

Then there’s the addition of Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau, who may get the codename Photon in the film. Kamala’s powers got changed in the MCU to be essentially like that of a Green Lantern Ring, while Rambeau has energy powers somewhat similar to Carol’s. That takes the overpowered ice cream cone and adds two extra scoops, requiring the movie to have a grandiose villain to even be interesting.

How Can The Marvels Overcome Its Overpowered Cast?

The problem is one thrown toward the theatrical version of Justice League. Whereas Zack Snyder’s Justice League made each part of the team a vital character in terms of defeating Steppenwolf, the much maligned theatrical version makes the team essentially a flop until Superman comes in and dunks on Steppenwolf. The New God was at least a powerful villain in both versions, but the biggest question with The Marvels is what villain will be used to threaten all three women.

But that is made all the more difficult because absolutely none of the three have a robust, iconic Rogues' Gallery to choose from, especially Carol. Though tons of cosmic characters could get thrown into the mix, it’s not a particularly good look when a random villain is made up just to justify another movie in an otherwise underdeveloped property.

The Marvels could fall onto the trope of depowering one of its ladies, which is sadly all too trite in superhero sequels. Superman II, Spider-Man 2 and Wonder Woman 1984 all dealt with their respective heroes losing or giving up their powers in some way. And sure, it got done well in two of those movies, but the idea isn’t particularly original or even interesting at this point. It’s also another bad optic if a character has to get depowered to justify their presence in a movie, especially if it’s their own film.

The best way to deal with three mighty heroes might be to split them up for a good bit of the movie, having them deal with separate threats that become one larger one. This way, the trio can shine on their own while still coming together by the movie’s end. That would also mean that each could have their own personal journey and story that ties into the film. Still, creating three such threats will still be a challenge, especially since three Marvels are more overpowered than just one.

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