Ukraine's first lady's twitted warning massage for Ukraine people


Ukraine's first lady's twitted warning massage for Ukraine people

Ukraine's first lady Olena Zelenska - in a rare public statement since the war started about two weeks ago - slammed the Kremlin over "the mass murder of civilians", which she said, has been called a "special operation" by "propoganda outlets". "Close the sky, we will manage the war on the ground," she said in an appeal to the West.

 Also, she gave a warning to Europe: "I testify and tell the world - the war in Ukraine is not a war 'somewhere out there'. This is a war in Europe, close to the EU borders. Ukraine is stopping the force that may aggressively enter your cities tomorrow under the pretext of saving civilians," the 44-year-old said. Her husband - Volodymyr Zelenskyy - has emerged as the face of Kyiv's resistance.

In her open letter, she also elaborated on the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the country amid the fighting with "women and children living in bomb shelters and basements". "These are just consequences of war for some, for Ukrainians, it is now a horrific reality." The UN has said about two million people have been forced out of their homes.

Russia's offensive in Ukraine has entered the 14th day on Wednesday. Three rounds of ceasefire talks have yielded no breakthrough. The Kremlin has said it will hold wire on Wednesday to allow evacuations in Kyiv and other major cities. But Ukraine has accused the Kyiv of hindering the civilian movement amid the war.

Among those affected are those in urgent of healthcare, Zelenska highlighted in her letter - "How easy is it to inject insulin in the basement? Or to get asthma medication under heavy fire? Not to mention the thousands of cancer patients who access to chemotherapy and radiation treatment have now been indefinitely delayed." The WHO has also expressed concern that healthcare facilities are being targeted in the Russian shelling.

"What happened just over a week ago was impossible to believe. Our country was peaceful; our cities, towns and villages were full of life. On February 24, we all woke up to the announcement of a Russian invasion. Tanks crossed the Ukranian border, planes entered our airspace and missile launchers surrounded our cities" - Zelenska said on the surprise invasion that shocked the world.

Calling for unity against Russian President Vladmir Putin, the first lady stressed - "If we don't stop Putin, who threatens to start a nuclear war, there will be no safe place for us."

In one of the latest developments, the US has announced a ban on the Russian oil imports that Joe Biden has said "will put an end to Putin's war machine".

However, Kyiv has been seeking for more weapons as the attack intensifies in major cities.


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