How To Get More Replies From Women On Dating Apps


How To Get More Replies From Women On Dating Apps

Someone on here read my article about the worst pick-up line ever and asked me a good question…

If pick-up lines are bad, what should men say to a woman they are interested in on a dating app instead?

I replied to their comment briefly, but also decided I should make an entire article addressing the subject.

What you don’t want to do is give every woman the same message. That’s why pick-up lines don’t work. They come across as sleazy and like you are just saying the same thing to every woman you see.

You want to make it personal, so she feels like you are interested in specifically her and not just any woman you can get. She wants to feel special and like you two could have a real connection.

You don’t actually have to be witty to pick-up women, but it does take a bit of work if you want a higher likelihood for success.

What you want to do is start a conversation with them.

There’s no guarantees that these tips will work, of course. There has to be attraction between the two of you for anything to happen, but these tips will help your chances of getting a reply.

I separated the tips into two categories of do’s and don’ts.


-Mention something you read in her profile to show you were listening to what she said and want to get to know her better.

-Ask her a specific question relating to her profile, preferably her interests so you’re opening with a subject that is easy for her to talk about.

-Ask a question that can’t be answered with just a “yes” or a “no”, so it will be easier for you to reply as well.


-Send her pictures of your body parts: no shirtless pics or dick pics.

-Don’t say, “What’s up?” Or “How are you?” These questions are so broad and generic that women can struggle to come up with an answer to them. They might like you, but feel unsure of what to talk to a stranger about.

-Insult her in any way. Negging doesn’t work!

-Get mad if she doesn’t respond. Just move on and consider it her loss, but do not tell her this. You’re wasting time and being a bully if you do this.

-Comment on her appearance. If you are messaging her then it is assumed that you think she’s pretty.


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