Youtuber Claims To Have Become The World's Richest Man only for 7 Minutes


Youtuber Claims To Have Become The World's Richest Man only for 7 Minutes


Everyone wants to be rich. Okay, maybe not everyone but most of us - just imagine being the richest person alive. Sounds amazing, right? Well, a YouTuber has claimed that he became the world's richest person, even surpassing the tech billionaire Elon Musk, but for only 7 minutes. Yes, you read that right!

Max Fosh, who reportedly exploited a market capitalisation loophole, realised that he had to dissolve his company immediately since he was being accused of fraud. He took to the online video-sharing and social media platform to explain how he made this happen, and also why he had to shut his company down. He has claimed to be the richest person for 7 minutes but only on paper. 

The video shows him talking about how he had set up a company. 

"In the UK, it's quite easy to set up a company. There's something called the company's house, and you essentially fill a form," Mr Fosh said in his explanation. Since he needed a name for the company which should end with "Ltd", he jokingly chose the name - 'Unlimited Money Ltd'.

He also had to decide what would be the company for - manufacturing macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous products. 

"I don't know what farinaceous means, but that's what the company does," he said.

Next was shares - he decided on 10 billion. He said, "If I created and registered a company with 10 billion shares, and then sold one of those shares for 50 pounds, that would legally value my company at 500 billion pounds, thus making me the richest man in the world, absolutely decimating my nearest rival Elon Musk."

However, if you have watched Shark Tank, you'd know that finding investors is not easy. Fosh set up his shop with two chairs and a table on a street in London.

"Despite my energetic pitch, the nos kept on coming," he added.

However, after a struggling start, he found his first investor - a woman who bought one share for 50 pounds. 

He asked her, "Why would you like to invest in this company?" She replied, "On a whim, I feel like it's meant to be, and I'll get something from it eventually."

After that, Fosh received a letter that read, "Given the range of information provided to us, the market cap of Unlimited Money Ltd has been assessed as 500 billion pounds. Due to lack of revenue activity, there is a high likelihood that you are being accused of fraudulent activity. It is the reason we highly recommend Unlimited Money Limited is dissolved as a matter of urgency."

So, he did exactly what the letter told him to do but according to him, that made him the world's richest man for 7 minutes. 

Titled, "Come at me Elon", the video has amassed 7.53 lakh views with 60,000 likes. People also took to the comments section to discuss the unusual incident.

"Max is such a professional, using the clock on his oven to time how long the company was active for!" wrote one user.

Another commented, "I feel like this might have broken the record for losing the most amount of money in the shortest period of time."

One user felt bad for the woman who invested and wrote, "You should at least take her out on a shareholders dinner."


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