Women Secretly Follow Dating Rules | Men Have No Idea About it


Women Secretly Follow Dating Rules | Men Have No Idea About
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 The only rule in the world of dating today is that there is no rule. You go with the flow, swipe left  & right and date a bunch of people before you find the one (if that’s what you want). Yeah, sorry to break it to you but that’s how men roll. Women have and follow a definite rulebook when it comes to dating.

Someone asked women on Reddit a question men would want to know the answer to. They wrote, “What are "strange" or unconventional rules you've set for yourself when it comes to dating?” We are sure it was a woman who put up this question because all the men reading it would have gone like “You guys have dating rules’?


To make the lives of men easier (that’s basically what we do here) and for them to understand women a bit better, here is the cheat code to woo your date from the horse’s mouth.

1. Setting The Priorities Straight


“I expect orgasms everytime we have sex and 50/50 chores when living together. This is my base line, I do except some romance too. Btw I ask for this because I 100% give that on a relationship.” –Whateveridontkare

2. Money Matters

Money Matters
Image: VRUM

“I watch and observe how a man spends his money. I would never date anyone who throws money around acting like jack flash. It’s not about whether he has money, it’s about how he deals with money that is important.” –Little-bit_ 

3. If He Isn’t Going Down, He’s Going Out

“Don’t date a man who doesn’t go down on you” –urminecraftgf98

4. Not All Women Friendzone

“Is it weird that I’ve never dated someone that I wasn’t already friends with beforehand? It’s not quite a rule, but I’ve never once been romantically interested in someone that I didn’t already know on a deeper level no matter how attractive they seemed on the surface.” –strike_match

5. Translation: I’m Not Into Unambitious Guys

“I don't date men who don't have goals.” –Unknown

6. Swipe Left On Men Who Don’t Put In Efforts

“I immediately delete all initial messages on OkCupid/Tinder/etc. that don't specifically mention something from my profile. This includes deleting all messages that just say "Hi," "Hey," "How's it going," etc. My rationale is that these people are putting the lowest possible amount of effort into online dating, and I don't have any desire to date or have sex with people who don't put effort into those endeavors.” –elestialism

7. And, To Sum Up The Rulebook

“Make plans to meet in person as soon as possible, but don't be weird about it

Don't text back more than the other person texts you.

Only meet for drinks/coffee on a first date

Don't date moderates they are republicans

Never settle” –justinlongbranch

Women reading this would agree and men are now wiser. You’re welcome.


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