Multibagger stock Rs1 lakh investment rises to Rs 2.45 crore


Multibagger stock Rs1 lakh investment rises to Rs 2.45 crore


Multibagger stocks have been a rage for investors in 2022. While a few penny stocks have shown remarkable rise in a matter of months in the recent times, earning multibagger returns is a matter of patience for investors in the share market. One of the latest multibagger stocks in India is that of Bajaj Finance.

Some shares end up bringing bumper returns but successful investors need to be patience and watchful as the stock market is not a quick money-making game. Bajaj Finance gave its investors profits to the tune of crores over the long-term. Part of the business conglomerate Bajaj Group, the Bajaj Finance share brought bumper returns of 24,400% over a period of 12 years. While the share was trading at the NSE at Rs 29.18 back in 2010 on February 11, the Bajaj Finance stock stood at Rs 7,148 on February 4, 2022.

The Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) stock has been under selling pressure for the past month. In this duration, the stock dipped from Rs 7,750 to Rs 7,148 with a 8% fall. However, the share has seen a 15% increase in the last six months, going from Rs 6,225 to Rs 7,148. In the last one year, it has risen from Rs 5,500 giving shareholders a 30% gain.

Long-term gains and bumper returns on Bajaj Finance share

In the last 5 years, the share has risen from Rs 1,090 to Rs 7,148 today, bringing a 575% increase. In the last 10 years, the share went from Rs 79.20 to the current point increasing 90 times. However, the biggest returns have been seen in 12 years at around d 245 times.

Calculating bumper returns on Rs 1 lakh investment

An investor who would have put Rs 1 lakh in Bajaj Finance a year ago would now have around Rs 1.29 lakh. In 5 years, the same investment would now be worth Rs 6.75 lakh. Similarly, a 10-year-old Rs 1 lakh investment in the stock would now be worth Rs 90 lakh. But if the money was invested 12 years ago, the investment would today stand at an outrageous Rs 2.45 crore.


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