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How to Remove Copyright from Blogger template


Whenever we write a new blog, we get set with default blogger templates which are quite unattractive. Even though has updated its list of default templates for us to choose from, many of us prefer to use our own templates or those provided by free and paid template giving sites. 

Some people think that the paid templates given are either too expensive, do not find it necessary to buy them, or prefer the free copyrighted versions.

But personally, whatever reason we might have not to buy a paid blogger template, we all have that little desire to remove that thing we didn't pay to remove. 

So, today I will show you guys how to remove copyright marks, and then I am sure that you will be able to call your template completely yours.

The Main Issue

Leading template distributor sites like Templateify, Templateism, Goyabi, etc. distribute templates with both free and paid versions. If we buy the paid templates we get many features like support, installation, extra customization, and most importantly, user license, which means that they give a copyright-free template which we can take advantage of in any way. But, if we don't buy it and instead take it as a freebie, we don't get those features, nor a copyright-free template. 


Yesterday, I was trying to remove copyrights from Bloggertheme9 templates using method 2 which you will read about ahead. But sadly, for some reason, I was unable to remove the copyrights from its template, so instead, I decided to apply a bit of creativity. This way, we are not removing the copyrights, nor breaking the rules. We just have to change a bit of the CSS in a creative manner. See how-

1. Open your blog and locate the copyrighted area on your page.

Template Copyright

2. In a separate tab, open your Blog dashboard > Theme > Template Html Editor.

3. Locate the copyrights in the HTML by using whatever word that is in your copyright-like copyright, designed by, etc..

Blogger copyright

4. In the entire line of copyrights, locate the class-name it belongs to. Like in the above picture, the class-name is 'attribution'. Copy that class-name and search for its CSS again by clicking Ctrl+F.


5. When you find the CSS, change the tag values like mentioned in the picture. For example, if in the CSS, there is a font-size tag, then change its value to something like 0.1px. Do not go for 0 because it might redirect your blog to the designer's site.

6. After making the alterations, click Save

7. As you can see, you will get a result like this.


This way, the copyright will no longer be visible at all, you can separately write any copyright of your own that you might want to remain visible, plus since you still have it on your site, you are not breaking any rules, nor will there be any redirects.


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