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What is the best SEO difficulty for new bloggers | Learn Every Step

The Complete Guide To SEO Difficulty Leveling – From Beginner To Professional In 6 Steps! Get Started Here Are All The Key Features Of SEO D...

What is the best SEO difficulty for new bloggers

The Complete Guide To SEO Difficulty Leveling – From Beginner To Professional In 6 Steps! Get Started Here Are All The Key Features Of SEO Difficulty Levels & How They Work!

1. Search Engine Optimization 4 (SEO4) vs SEO 1.0

Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly changing their algorithms so that they can better understand what type of content a user searches for. With such changes, new businesses will most likely invest time and money into optimizing their content, but if you want to be successful, your business needs to stay up to date with current methods and techniques. As such, using SEO 4 (search engine optimization version 2, or SEO2) is recommended – because it makes the process more efficient and effective. While there is no doubt that this system improves search rankings, many people still refer to it as “the old” way.

2. Ease of Use for Professionals

Even though digital marketers need to know how long it takes them to figure out how to produce quality content, sometimes just spending days to weeks, it's always worth investing in advanced tools and techniques. And with SEO, that's only half the battle when it comes to staying on top. You know the good news is that you don't have to worry about struggling against a low ranking site on the search engines, and other brands can spend less time and resources training staff than you would if you employed complex and lengthy content creation strategies. One of the biggest advantages of SEO, other than its performance, has been its ease of use. It's been around since the early 1990s that SEO was used by professionals like Neil Patel, Richard Branson, and Matt Mullenweg. These SEO professionals use meta tags and meta descriptions to create consistent, valuable content, which helps businesses reach audiences that search for keywords you're targeting.

3. Organic Engagement

Just like anyone else, organic engagement makes sense for entrepreneurs who are passionate about building a brand and attracting audience. By understanding that social proof really exists, you'll build community around your blog posts and attract fans and followers that are engaged with your brand. Just like being able to advertise your product through various forums on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, you can use the power of social proof to boost engagement and encourage fans to your page. Therefore, making sure you develop content that gets people excited about your products or services is one of the first things we advise our newbies before they begin creating content for their blog or websites.

4. Security

SEO isn't all about getting visible to searchers. Instead, it also means keeping your web pages safe and secure. Using HTTPS is common, but with sites that require login, for example, some social media sites, the security value is much different. Even a search engine can prevent potential threats from occurring due to bad practices such as password cracking. So, before you implement search engine optimization techniques, make sure your web pages are secure and protected using encryption. Also, check whether your content is malware-free to ensure that no malicious actors could damage your brand on search engines.

5. Social Media Influencing

With billions of users across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., the platform is flooded with information that users may not necessarily be aware of, and so social engagement plays an important role in promoting a blog post or website. But it's crucial to remember that engagement is more than liking comments; they also mean sharing content created by others like posts on your blog page and on your personal network social profiles. Although it's definitely possible to earn your own followers at a low cost, never forget to ask yourself "what can I do to improve my engagement?"

6. Your Content Becomes More Interesting

If the title sounds interesting to you, consider becoming a content writer. If you're passionate about creating content that you can share on all kinds of platforms, there are plenty of opportunities to become published content pieces. Creating short videos and podcasts for your web channel can lead to a large following of viewers and listeners, regardless of how few people view your content. Additionally, making your articles available for free download and viewing on social media platforms makes people follow you. This can then lead to increased traffic and engagement and overall visibility.


We've put together the top 6 SEO difficulty levels that are relevant, easy to use, and highly successful in terms of driving sales and increasing website conversions.

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