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Stephanie Matto
US Woman Who Made Rs 1.5 Crore From Her Fart Jars is Now Selling NFTs of Them


Reality Star Stephanie Matto, who sold her farts in jars, has been making headlines for quite some time now. Recently, Matto had announced that she had to retire from selling her farts in jars after she got hospitalised while trying to keep up with the skyrocketing demand. Matto claimed that she made around $200,000 (roughly Rs 1,47,94,000.00) from selling her bottled farts to her fans. However, one morning after consuming three large servings of protein shakes and several bowls of black bean soup, she experienced sharp shooting pain in her chest and heart. On examination, the doctors told her that the excessive wind-breaking was taking a toll on her body.

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Now, instead of shutting down the business venture entirely, Matto in a chat with Insider shared that she has decided to carve out space in the NFT world with her fart art. She took the decision to shift her business model towards NFTs as selling farts in jars was not sustainable for her. A digital artist suggested to her that they could make a collection of unique artworks on her bottled farts to sell as NFTs. Matto agreed to do it as she believes it is “very creative.” Fart Jars NFTs were launched on January 5, and they are being sold for 0.05 Ethereum (around Rs 11,363). She teamed up with the digital artist to make cute animations and even added some custom and personal traits.

For the 31-year-old, selling farts was an experiment that turned out to be a successful business venture. Talking about the idea, Matto shared that when she was running an 18+ fan subscription platform, several users requested her for her farts. Back then, the model considered it as a complete joke. Last year, Matto put out her farts on sale just to see if anybody would purchase them.

Matto revealed that her first batch of 97 fart jars, got sold for $500 (Rs. 36,985.00) each, and they were out of stock instantly. Considering the skyrocketing demand, the model increased the price of the fart jars. The second shipment, in which Matto sold each fart jar for $1,000 (Rs. 73,970.00), also got sold out.

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