List of 7 Countries in The World Where COVID-19 Never touched Anyone


List of 7 Countries in The World Where COVID-19 Never touched Anyone


The world is still reeling with the effects of Covid-19. With the ongoing omicron variant cases, the entire world has felt the rupture. However, there are countries and places where coronavirus hasn't entered yet and is at the bay. World Health Organization (WHO) has listed countries that reported 0 covid cases since the start of the pandemic in 2019! We are shocked too!

Here Are The Countries That Kept Covid-19 at Bay

  • Turkmenistan

Image: Hul mark

Turkmenistan is located in the Central Asian republic that borders the Caspian Sea and the Karakum Desert. They have sealed borders except for repatriation flights. For people coming back to the country, they have to bring a covid negative and should be completely vaccinated. According to the country's vaccination programme, citizens above the age of 18 can receive two vaccinations.

The government asserted that no covid-19 cases have been recorded so far. However, the medical experts and some for the WHO, have questioned this claim.

  • Cook Islands

Cook Islands
Image: Courtsy

Located in South Pacific, the Cook Islands has close political ties with New Zealand. Cook Island is known for snorkelling and scuba-diving. This small island country was close for the entire world but now has opened it for New Zealand on 13 January. According to news, 97 per cent of its population of 17, 459 have received double vaccination.

  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Currently, North Korea is not allowing travellers or visitors to enter the country. They have also stopped the import of food and other goods. The country has reported zero incidents of covid-19 cases after repeatedly refusing covid-19 vaccinations to import into the country. According to recent news, under strict conditions, travel has resumed for people seeking vaccination or business certificates between cities.

  • Tokelau

Tokelau is a remote group of atolls that are located halfway in the middle between Hawaii and New Zealand. It is a dependent territory. It isn't a popular tourist destination and with proper travel restrictions. Almost 68.6 per cent of the country is fully vaccinated.

  • Kiribati

Kiribati is an island republic and is known as the Republic of Kiribati. It is located in the central Pacific Ocean. When Covid-19 began to spread worldwide, the island sealed the border and did not allow any visitors to enter. Out of nearly 1.2 lakh, only 11,686 people have been properly vaccinated.

  • Nauru

Nauru is located in the northeast of Australia in Micronesia. It is a small island nation. In 2021, the country reported 100 per cent vaccination for a population of 10, 834. According to the vaccination policy, citizens above the 18-year-old are allowed for vaccination. They revisited the travel guidelines for this Oceanian country and from 31 December 2021, fully-vaccinated visitors were allowed.

  • Tuvalu

Tuvalu is an island nation situated in the South Pacific, a part of the British commonwealth. This Oceanian country has sealed the borders and has prohibited travelling. There was a mass vaccination rollout in April 2021 and have implemented strategic vaccination plans. The country has rolled out 12,114 doses so far.

Note: We did it on our basis research, and we do not give any guarantee on this statement. 


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