All About Hair color Attractive but harmful


 All About Hair color Attractive but harmful

There’s no denying the fact that getting a few streaks or a head full of new hair color can change your look and give you a complete makeover. But dyeing hair should be done cautiously as over-processing of it can be harmful to the health of your hair and have adverse effects on your body too.

If you’re unaware of this golden truth or have been simply ignoring it–here’s presenting all the reasons you should stop using hair colors and dyes for the sake of your hair. Hopefully, this will be an eye-opener and will prompt you to stop coloring your hair using chemical-laden products.

Side effects of using hair dyes:

1. Overexposure

Permanent hair dyes contain ammonia and peroxide. Peroxide strips away the natural color of hair and thus exposing your hair to these chemicals regularly can cause your hair to lose luster, break easily and even lead to eventual hair fall.

2. Allergic reactions

Dyes contain paraphenylenediamine which is an allergen. By this, people who have dermatitis can have a severe reaction. People with eczema and psoriasis should avoid hair dyes. Not only this, but can also cause itching, skin irritation, redness, and swelling.

3. Effect on Pregnancy

Coloring hair can prove to be fatal for the unborn infant of pregnant women as it may cause malignancy.

4. Asthma

Hair dyes contain persulfates which can aggravate asthma. Continuous inhalation of the chemicals can cause coughing, lung inflammation, and even asthma attacks.

Alternatives to hair dyes:

1. Henna

It adds a reddish, burgundy highlight to hair. It also naturally conditions your hair and makes it softer. With regular use of henna, your hair can acquire its color permanently. To apply, make a paste out of henna powder and water and apply this to your hair. Let it settle for a couple of hours and then wash your hair.

2. Lemon and Honey

If you want to lighten the color of your hair, lemon and honey can do the job. Mix equal parts of lemon and honey and then apply it to your hair. Blow-dry your hair and then wash it. Repeat this couple of times to get visible results.

3. Coffee

Coffee can help you make your hair appear darker. Pour the brewed coffee through your hair as a final rinse and let it air-dry. The color will wash out the next time you wash your hair.


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