Why do Most Bloggers Fail? A Review of Flawed Blogging


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Even if you’ve only developed an interest in digital marketing in the past month, there’s still a good chance that you’ve come across something that mentioned the benefits of blogging.

For every successful blogger that’s out there pushing the benefits of blogging, there are also many, many bloggers who have failed.

Those who run a successful blog, on the other hand, have mastered a few key elements that reaffirms why blogging is so alluring to so many.

A successful blogger befriends social media, puts in a ton of hard work and consistently writes quality content. They’ve also found a way to garner attention and make money, which is what drives most people to start a blog in the first place.

But those who have failed? Well, there’s something to learn from them. Many things, in fact.

It’s important to recognize why these bloggers may have failed, so that you can make sure you don’t fall into the same traps.

Why do Most Bloggers Fail?

Blogging Experience ( Krishan Kumar Ladoiya)

I am krishan Kumar Ladoiya Founder of Freewher.com News Website. Born Feb 19, 1999 at Jasana Tehsil – Nohar District – Hanumangarh (Rajasthan).

Why was i Failed in blogging ? Main point of my failure

I started blogging 5 years ago from school time itself. I didn’t get any benefit in blogging for 4 years. Even i took payment from Adsense only once in 4 years. so i was very disappointed. After that i thought why my website are not ranking. At that time i used to work on Blogspot.com. Then i started researching about blogging. Then i came to know that blogging has domain and backlinks to get ranked. So i started working on WordPress and started doing SEO of my website.

These are my points because of which i did not succeed in blogging.

When i started blogging, I did not know much about blogging at that time, then i kept on publishing posts but I spread due to not having much knowledge.

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