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Top Highest Paying Affiliate Programs for Beginners

As an affiliate marketer you want to find the highest paying affiliate programs that best align with your audience. Who has the best affi...


As an affiliate marketer you want to find the highest paying affiliate programs that best align with your audience.

Who has the best affiliate programs? You of course have Amazon, the 800 lb. gorilla with something for everyone. Amazon Associates is free to join and converts very well. But with average commission rates of 3% — not exactly a high paying affiliate program. You will need to get quite a bit of traffic to do well.


This was certainly a timely warning in the initial version of this article. Amazon has lowered its commission rates across the board. Most products are now in the 3% commission category. Where there used to be many in the 6% – 8% category. That’s an over 50% cut in affiliate commissions.

The good news is that there is a huge world or high paying affiliate programs beyond Amazon. Lets look at the best affiliate programs available for your niche.


This was certainly a timely warning in the initial version of this article. Amazon has lowered its commission rates across the board. Most products are now in the 3% commission category. Where there used to be many in the 6% – 8% category. That’s an over 50% cut in affiliate commissions.

The good news is that there is a huge world or high paying affiliate programs beyond Amazon. Lets look at the best affiliate programs available for your niche.

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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs and Networks

There are many great affiliate programs to choose from that are perfect for beginners and experts alike. There are so many high-paying offers for you to represent as an affiliate marketer beyond Amazon. These include direct programs and networks or affiliate platforms…

  • Affiliate Networks like ShareASale and ClickBank
  • Direct programs like Target and eBay
  • Recurring commission programs
  • High Paying & High Ticket programs
All niches will have additional affiliate programs. You are doing a service to your audience and increasing your authority by seeking out and reviewing these niche-specific products. We have looked at hundreds of affiliate programs in many niches. Here are our favorites for diversifying your income now.



Rather than use an affiliate network like ShareASale or ClickBank, many companies run their own in-house affiliate programs. These can be some of the best affiliate programs … and the highest paying. Having an in-house affiliate team shows a commitment to the affiliate channel. When a company creates a technology platform and has affiliate management staff they are making a substantial investment in affiliate marketing.

The list below is our collection of the best affiliate programs run directly by the product companies. They cover a number of niches … this is a good place to look for the most popular products for your visitors.


ClickBank Affiliate Network

ClickBank is known by most affiliate marketers and digital product creators. Like JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and 2Checkout they specialize in digital products. You do need to be careful with ClickBank as many of the offers are of lower quality.

ClickBank specializes in affiliate programs for info products with health, dating and self-improvement being popular offers. Many affiliates use email, solo ads and similar marketing methods to promote these products.


JVZoo Marketplace

JVZoo is very similar to ClickBank. They offer primarily digital products including, software, info-products, and ebooks. They have been largely passed by ClickBank but still have many strong products and fewer junk products than JVZoo.

Unlike ClickBank each program approves you individually. A great feature is instant payouts from vendors that approve you. Unlike ClickBank JV Zoo is free for both affiliates and product creators. This makes it a great place to launch your first digital product.

  • Info and other digital products
  • Free to join for both affiliates and creators
  • High paying 40% commissions
  • Instant payments for successful affiliates


Warrior+Plus Marketplace

Warrior+Plus is a specialized network that focuses on digital products and almost all in the Make Money Online (MMO) space. They make it very easy to join and very easy to launch a new product if you want to try your hand as a product creator.

A downside to the ease of product launch though is that many of the products are not the highest quality. To help find better products many affiliates focus the program search tool on the refund rate first; then sales, conversion rate and commission amount.

  • MMO products
  • Free for both affiliates and content owners
  • Great for newbies
  • Good for solo ads and email marketers



Digital products are a unique market and have some of the best affiliate programs. These are downloadable offerings like, plugins & themes, Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, training and memberships, etc. They are particular popular in the Health & Nutrition, Internet Marketing and Make Money Online (MMO) niches. But most niches will have digital products that are appropriate. For instance one of the best selling products on ClickBank is Ted’s Woodworking, a woodworking plans and resource product.

These are some of the highest paying affiliate programs from a percentage standpoint. Typically 30% – 50% of the selling price. You want to do an extra good job of vetting these products. Many are low-quality or not appropriate for your niche.



In addition to the digital product affiliate networks in the previous section, there are many affiliate platforms for other product types. Rather than creating free-standing affiliate programs, many product owners will join an affiliate marketing network.  Affiliate marketing companies like ShareASale, CJ (Commission Junction) etc. manages affiliate programs on their systems for many companies. They will typically take a percentage of each sale as their payment from the merchants. Some merchants will join multiple affiliate networks.

For marketers you can find some of the best affiliate programs all in one platform. Rather than 10 accounts from individual affiliate programs, an affiliate network or marketplace gives you one dashboard to manage all 10 affiliate programs. You also can find new listings in your niche for fresh product offers.

Here are the best affiliate networks


Commission amount: $40% recurring

Cookie length: Lifetime

Clickfunnels is a phenomenal affiliate program. They are world-class marketers who have put together an army of affiliates and sub-affiliates to sell their products. They are a great example of what you can do if you put affiliates first. They have a best-in-class product for building landing pages and offer a 14-day free trial.

This is easy business to close.

ClickFunnels pays 40% commission and has two plans a $97/mo and a $297/mo one. So you will earn $38 or $118 per month for each basic sale. They use a sticky cookie that will not expire, the only way to lose the prospect is if another ClickFunnels affiliate is visited, overwriting your cookie.

The big money comes into play with the up-sells like the Funnel Builder Secrets. This is a $1,997 product that pays you $798!

And a final incentive. When you get to 100 active members, ClickFunnels will cover the lease of your dream car - up to $500/mo. Get 200 active members and it is a $1000/mo lease payment. Do they know how to take care of affiliates or what?


Hammacher Schlemmer

Commission amount: Most items 8%

Cookie length: 30 days

Sign up link: Affiliate Page and  CJ signup

Hammacher and Schlemmer are a really interesting company. They are America's longest running catalog so a well known and trusted brand.

But at 8% though how do they warrant listing on the highest paying affiliate program list? Well take a look at some of their more expensive products:

  • Flying Fire Breathing Dragon -- $60,000
  • Full Immersion Professional Racer's Simulator -- $65,000
  • Barbecue Dining Boat -- $50,000
  • Golf Hovercraft -- $58,000

An 8% commission on any of these is going to yield some big payouts of $4,000 - $5,200.

These are clearly going to be unusual sales for you. You won't sell one per day or even month. I would focus on very specific long-tail keywords. There will be little to no keyword volume but when someone does search for an item you will be on page one do to the total lack of competition.



Commission amount:Up to $1000 for each product purchased

Cookie length: 90 days

Sign up link:

HubSpot has a full suite of Internet Marketing tools for the small medium business (SMB) community. There services include all aspects of the customer relationship lifecycle. From initial content strategies and inbound campaigns to A?B testing ad campaigns. It is one-stop shopping.

They have three packages; Starter, Professional and Enterprise. They pay well ...

  • Starter/Basic -> $250 in commission
  • Professional/CMS -> $500 in commission
  • Enterprise -> $1,000 in commission

It is a strong brand with high conversions and low reversal rates. A solid performer. They compete with products like:

  • Marketo
  • Infusionsoft
  • Pardot
  • Oracle Eloqua
  • Act-On


Commission amount: Up to $1400

Cookie length: 90 days in-house, 120 days at CJ

Sign up link: Improvely at ShareASale

Improvely is a tool for paid advertisers. It helps reduce fraud and tracks conversions. It has a very strong payback for advertisers. Prices range from $29/mo to $299/mo and all plans have a 14 day free trial.

The Improvely affiliate program is a hybrid one with an initial payment of 50% of the monthly billing plus a 10% recurring commission for the first year. The affiliate program is manage by ShareASale and approval is very easy.

They have 25 banners and other display ads for you to use in your promotions ...



Commission amount: $50 - $500

Cookie length: 60 days

Sign up link: Kinsta Affiliate Program

Kinsta is like WP Engine, a Managed WordPress hosting company. One of the great things about the Kinsta product is that they have a very low churn rate (very few people leave) and they pay you a 10% recurring commission! This is something WP Engine does not offer.

The commission plan is a bit lower than WP Engine for initial payouts ...

  • Starter Plan ... $50 commission
  • Business Plan ... $100 commission
  • Pro Plan ... $150 commission
  • Enterprise Plan ... $500 commission

A good strategy would be to do comparison articles of Kinsta vs. WP Engine, Kinsta vs. WPX Hosting etc. You may need to be even narrower with the keywords than this to rank well. Much depends on your sites hosting relevance.


Liquid Web

Commission amount: $150 minimum up to $7,000

Cookie length: 90 days in-house, 120 days at CJ

Sign up link: Impact radius or Commission Junction 

Liquid Web is a high-end hosting company that focuses on SMB - Enterprise products. You won't find any $2.95/mo shared hosting here. They are my hosting company for this site for a few reasons:

  1. They have great support
  2. They have fast hosting (Pingdom has this site loading in .72 seconds)
  3. They have a great affiliate program with expensive products

Most hosting companies have good affiliate programs. And I am happy to get the base $200 from someone like WP Engine for simply selling a $35/mo product. But hosting affiliate programs are very competitive - they just pay too well. Liquid Web will pay 150% of the monthly billing. So a $2000/mo enterprise server will pay you  $3000 !

I like to focus on high end servers like high availability server clusters from Liquid Web. There are fewer affiliates writing and ranking content in these narrower niches.

Commission amount: $300-$350 per sale

Cookie length: 180 days

Sign up link: Puffy at ShareASale

Puffy makes great mattresses for a great nights sleep. They actually have a 101-night sleep trial with a money back guarantee. Mattresses should be a relatively easy conversion. Everyone realizes how much of their life is spent with their mattress.

The Puffy mattress is an all foam bed. I sleep on one of these latex beds (though not a Puffy one) and they are the best. Much better for large framed people  (that sounds better than heavy) like myself. They cost $1,495 after discount which is very competitive with premium box-spring/coil mattresses. Buying a mattress can be a hassle but Puffy makes it easy with free 2-5 day Fedex delivery.

The affiliate program is easy to understand. They pay $300 or $350 depending on the mattress. They have some nice bonus offers as well. For instance, sell 10 mattresses in your first 30 days and get a $1000 bonus! They have lots of creatives available like banners and ads. Their top performing affiliates are earning over $10k per month.


Shopify Plus

Commission amount: $58 - $2,000

Cookie length: 30 days

Sign up link: Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is the leading hosted e-commerce solution for retailers. They represent retailers small and large. It makes a lot of sense for many retailers to use Shopify. There other solution is to use WooCommerce which will require both WordPress and WooCommerce support capabilities or Magento which will usually require external support for setup and maintenance. These are both expensive items when you consider the time you spend dealing with technology - not retailing.

The basic product is inexpensive so there will be no big affiliate commissions. The commission rate is 200% of the monthly base billing rate for the standard packages. So the basic plan at $29/mo has a payout of $58 - that beats most Amazon sales by a bunch. Shopify Plus pays you a flat $2,000!

  • Basic ... $58 commission
  • Shopify ... $158 commission
  • Advanced ... $598 commission
  • Shopify Plus ... $2,000 commission

The big money is in the Shopify Plus program. This is their product for high volume and larger retailers.

The cookie period is 30 days but all you need to do is get them into a free trial and you have locked in the customer. As long as they convert within the trial period you will get paid.


Six Figure Mentors

Commission amount: Up to $200 plus $20/mo

Cookie length: 30 days

Sign up link: SFM in-house Affiliate Program

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is a training and mentorship program aimed at online entrepreneurs. They have a heavy focus on affiliate marketing.

Training is a tricky area. Many people join with unrealistic expectations (some planted by the sales pitch). But if you get one or two good ideas or if they prevent you from buying useless "shiny objects" it may be worth it.

I am always extra cautious with affiliate training programs whose final lesson is to sell the training you just took. Programs like Wealthy Affiliates have lost much of their information quality and become mainly a platform for affiliate sales.


Spocket Affiliate Program

Commission amount: Up to $450

Cookie length: 90 days

Sign up link: Spocket Affiliate Signup

Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace for US and EU suppliers. Given the tariff wars in China it is front of mind at the moment. They service features:

  • Automated shipping and fulfillment. They generally ship within one business day.
  • inventory management at a detailed level to help businesses run smoothly.
  • Automated integration with most shopping carts and marketplaces.
  • Kits, assemblies, subscription boxes, and more.

They have a 3-tiered commission program for their affiliates ...

Bronze - 20% - up to $297 per subscriber
Silver - 25% - up to $371.25 per subscriber
Gold - 30% - up to $445.50 per subscriber
A nice touch is that provide you with a $100 off coupon to give to your referrals to encourage them to join the program.

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